AIGC Singapore 2019

The Advanced Innovation Global Competition (AIGC) is the first, largest, and most prestigious innovation contest for students in Singapore. AIGC is held with the spirit of providing a unique and different competitive platform in innovation. The objectives to be accomplished by AIGC are:

1. To bring and gather young innovators from all over the world to enjoy the challenges of innovation in a spirit of friendly competition.

2. To encourage, challenge, and give recognition to young people who are exceptionally talented in the field of innovation.

3. To foster a friendly international relationship between innovators over the world.

AIGC 2019 will be held in Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore, on 15-17 November 2019. Students from elementary, high school and university can participate in this competition of up to five members in each team. In its first year, the AIGC already received much support and interest from International innovation institutions. There will be more than 10 countries participate in the AIGC 2019 such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other countries.


Main Program

Competition: The focus of AIGC is competition in innovative fields (class of innovation attached in this website). The participants will need to present their innovative product as a team or individual for 5 – 10 minutes in front of the judges. Our qualified judges consist of professional lecturers and researchers from Singapore and overseas. The participants will be rewarded for Gold, Silver, Bronze, Special Prize as well as Cash Prizes.

Exhibition: During the two days of the event, the competition hall will be open for anyone to attend. The participants will need to promote their innovation to the visitors as well as other participants.

Side Program

Smart-Fun Area: An area located inside the venue with simulators and technological machines. In this area, both visitors and participants can try the machine and experience new knowledge in a field of renewable technology applied in innovation. The Smart-Fun Area will consist of:

- IoT Class: Presented in a fun way, this class aimed to give new knowledge about the use of IoT in innovation. This area will be equipped by any simulation such as making smart sensor application.

- YouTube Presentation Video: It is show time! In this area, the participants can present their innovation in front of the camera. The presentation will automatically be recorded and uploaded to the YouTube channel of AIGC 2019.

- AI Class: In the form of a class, the participants will get new knowledge about the use of AI (artificial intelligence) in innovation. Same as the IoT Class, this class will also be fun because equipped with simulators.

- 3D Area: Keep yourself exist! Take a picture and get a new feed with our 3D properties during the exhibition. Moreover, participants can also get brief information about 3D making.

- UI/UX Class: Get to know the UI and UX in our class that will be held during the exhibition.

- VR Class: Try the VR experience with our smart yet fun simulator.

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